Three ways in which DNA can help you!

pitch-grad copy.png

Winning pitches

We can relieve a busy studio and let them concentrate on the approaching pitch while being reassured that your established clients will be well served. Alternatively, we can produce memorable and effective presentations with accompanying handouts and, if required, inject imagination and creativity into your pitch by offering a new set of creative eyes on the problem.


Outstanding Presentations

We can upgrade an existing presentation, build a bespoke single important slide or create an entire deck from scratch. Our in in-house PowerPoint (or Keynote) designers can add experience and graphic design skills to polish your work to optimise its communication power. We are used to dealing with tight deadlines and have returned work in the same day when deadlines were tight.


Better design

We take time to understand and listen to our clients’ needs which allows us to create materials that engage and inspire. At all times we adopt a results-driven approach and spend the time and effort on the design elements that will drive your business’ success.