True Differentiation - “Only We…”

No marketing plan would be complete without a SWOT. We have all seen good ones, bad ones and politically ugly ones. But for real differentiation, simply finish this sentence, “Only we…” or for your plan: “Only product X can…”
For a second, third and fourth to market product this may seem difficult, particularly to make a significant difference, but what about: “Only we can concentrate on 10 geographic areas” or: “Only we will offer a flexible pricing scheme”. There is always something that you can write but to do it you must give up something and that is the real secret of positioning!
For more on “Only we” read the excellent Social Media Explained by Mark W. Schaefer.

Colour and Identity

It is always exciting to work on a brand from the very start. Over the years DNA has created identities for a variety of products, brands, companies and services and has recently been working on a new venture by a senior marketing consultant (who also happens to be a good friend of ours, hello Sarah!) A new identity throws up all sorts of interesting creative questions; once a name is chosen, it becomes an immersive process through fonts, symbols and colour to reach the essence and personality of the brand. In this case the big decision hung on colour – it came down to purple or green. Reams have been written on the nuances of colour theory and it is endlessly fascinating (from a designer’s point of view!) how one green is ‘too funky’ and one purple is ‘too feminine’ or ‘too lightweight’ and what looks good on screen doesn’t always print well. However, we nailed the perfect purple in the end and produced a family of assets to support the brand across all relevant media.

Mailing for Secondary Care Physicians Are Still Important

Taking into account any survey bias the link below still highlights an important message. While your competitors are labouring away trying to build, (let alone get approved), the perfect website or social media strategy you could have produced and influenced consultant behaviour with a few well thought our mailers. Probably we all knew this but the bright lights of a big, new project can be very attractive - not least for agencies!

Business Words of 2013

The most common business words from 2013 have been compiled by the Global Language Monitor and they are mostly about the Internet. “Content” and “Social Media” occupy first and second place, with “The Cloud” making the list but surprisingly lower down, coming in at number 14. The entries, which need a minimum of 25,000 global citations to qualify, are sourced from Social Media sites, Blogs, various Internet pages and 275,000 global media sources.

1. Content
2. Social media
3. Sustainability
4. Transparency
5. Literally
6. Guru
7. Utilise
8. Robust
9. Ping
10. Big data
11. Nouns used as verbs (to concept, to ballpark, to impact)
12. Seamless
13. Moving forward
14. The Cloud
15. Offline


Read the full article here

Green Issues

With Pharma companies wanting to show their corporate social responsibility credentials it is surprising that none are, to my knowledge, pushing a green agenda. I haven't heard of a single one who uses only recycled or low chlorine paper for instance and any bicycle push seems to be driven by the number of car park spaces. Am I wrong. Can you name and praise any?

The Unelected And Certainly Not Benevolent Dictatorship That Is The PMCPA

I recently had the misfortune of going on the PMCPA code course. I have been on it before but for various reasons I went on it again. There are, in my opinion, many things wrong with this group. Their whole function for one, but one aspect that I really did not understand is that they are partly funded by the monies companies pay during a complaint dispute. Not only that but in any year they make complaints to themselves about pharmaceutical companies material! What a great wheeze - not only judge and jury but judge, jury and banker.