Business Words of 2013

The most common business words from 2013 have been compiled by the Global Language Monitor and they are mostly about the Internet. “Content” and “Social Media” occupy first and second place, with “The Cloud” making the list but surprisingly lower down, coming in at number 14. The entries, which need a minimum of 25,000 global citations to qualify, are sourced from Social Media sites, Blogs, various Internet pages and 275,000 global media sources.

1. Content
2. Social media
3. Sustainability
4. Transparency
5. Literally
6. Guru
7. Utilise
8. Robust
9. Ping
10. Big data
11. Nouns used as verbs (to concept, to ballpark, to impact)
12. Seamless
13. Moving forward
14. The Cloud
15. Offline


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