Colour and Identity

It is always exciting to work on a brand from the very start. Over the years DNA has created identities for a variety of products, brands, companies and services and has recently been working on a new venture by a senior marketing consultant (who also happens to be a good friend of ours, hello Sarah!) A new identity throws up all sorts of interesting creative questions; once a name is chosen, it becomes an immersive process through fonts, symbols and colour to reach the essence and personality of the brand. In this case the big decision hung on colour – it came down to purple or green. Reams have been written on the nuances of colour theory and it is endlessly fascinating (from a designer’s point of view!) how one green is ‘too funky’ and one purple is ‘too feminine’ or ‘too lightweight’ and what looks good on screen doesn’t always print well. However, we nailed the perfect purple in the end and produced a family of assets to support the brand across all relevant media.